TonalityTools Introduces The SweetiePot™ Using Analysis Plus Cables and QiJACKS

TonalityTools Introduces The SweetiePot

TonalityTools has introduced The SweetiePot™, a high-end final “Master Fader” for your pedals. It is a state-of-the-art volume solution that enables you to optimally dial in the best sounding sweet spot settings of your amp, pedals and instrument while helping to keep the overall loudness under control, and to workable, inspiring volumes appropriate for the playing situation on stages and in the studio. Even at home!

Just as you would use a Master Fader on a world-class mixboard, the SweetiePots enable you to make exact pedal and amp adjustments that sound the very best and then retain those optimum settings without having to re-adjust should the final volume end up too loud. The entire design goal of the SweetiePot is to give you the finest quality Final Master Fader that is completely devoid of any distortion or signal degradation.

And more good news — SweetiePots are made with high-end parts like Analysis Plus wire and cable and our patented QiJACKs – “the world’s best and purest sounding connector for instrument cables,” according to TonalityTools.

For more information about SweetiePots, read the full article:

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